Staff & Officers

Rick Ivey, Executive & Artistic Director
Joan Sowell, Director of Administration
Linda Tarver, President
Janice Faircloth, Artistic Director Emeritus

Dr. Annie Laurie McElroy, VP Education
Ginny LeGette, VP Box Office
Laura Pike, VP Marketing
Dr. Karl Barton, VP Production
Dr. Melissa McMillan, VP Hospitality

Adam Carvin, Secretary
Rita Amisson, Treasurer
Charlotte Arnold, Peggy Brady, Pamela Tucker, At Large

To reach a TEF officer, please call the office at 229-226-7404 or email

Board of Trustees:
Nathaniel Abrams, Jr.
Rita Amisson
Charlotte Arnold
Dr. Karl Barton
Peggy Brady
Adam Carvin
Katie Chastain
Barbara Clinebell
Copper Comita
Dr. Janice Conner-Ross
Jay Flowers
Eugenia Harris
Mark Hey
Melanee Hill
Ann Larson
Ginny LeGette
Dr. Annie Laurie McElroy
Dr. Melissa McMillan
Mary Jane McNeill
Janet Noyes
Pat Pankey
Laura Pike
Shelba Sellers
Julie Spence
Linda Tarver
Claire Timm
Pamela Tucker
Linda Wann
Mercer Watt
Angela “Roonie” Willers
Dr. Robin Wise